Specialising in all aspects of traffic engineering and transport planning in Western Australia since 1978

About Uloth & Associates

We are a private consultancy that has specialised in all aspects of traffic engineering and transport planning in Western Australia since 1978, with projects ranging from the traffic impact of a small commercial development to the transport planning of entire local government areas and the preparation of transport assessment reports for major shopping centre redevelopments and Activity Centre structure plans. The firm’s capabilities include Pedestrians, Cyclists, Public Transport, Parking, Traffic Engineering, Transport Impact Assessment Reports, Traffic Impact Studies, Access Planning, Road Planning, Macro- Meso- and Micro- Level Transport Modelling, and Local Area Traffic Management.

Darren Levey has worked at Uloth and Associates since 1991, after graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1990. He was mentored by Fred Uloth for over 9 years, and has carried on Fred’s high standards for accuracy and reliability, with a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes not only for the developers and/or government bodies that may be funding a project, but also for the end-users who more often than not are the general public. Darren has been owner and Managing Director since 1999, when Fred retired, and has assisted large corporate developers, local government, state government, small business operators and private residents in a wide range of traffic and transport matters throughout that time.

Our goal is to provide robust transport solutions and create strong client relations within both the private and public sectors, with a view to always achieving the best possible transport outcomes for the end-user.

Our holistic approach to all traffic and transport matters, and our acknowledgement that the best outcomes must always be safe, effective and efficient, means that we can operate successfully for any client in any situation, working collaboratively whenever possible, but adversarially if necessary, to achieve the desired outcomes.

Key Services

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centre development applications, including access issues, parking requirements, car park layouts, servicing requirements, and pedestrian/cyclist facilities.

Activity Centres

Development and preparation of Activity Centre structure plans.

Transport Modelling

Transport Modelling for green field subdivisions, existing local areas, Town Centres, Activity Centres, and whole Local Government Areas within both metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia.


Traffic modelling and micro-simulation with AIMSUN, COMMUTER and PARAMICS software packages.

Intersection Operational Analysis

Intersection Operational Analysis, using SIDRA INTERSECTION and SIDRA NETWORK followed by Intersection Evaluation and Detailed Conceptual Design.

Assessment Reports

Access Planning and Transport Impact Assessment reports for all types of new developments.

Parking Investigations

Parking Investigations, including comprehensive supply and demand surveys, car park layout, parking management systems, traffic and pedestrian circulation and access.

Public Consultation

Public Consultation, Liaison with both Stakeholders and Authorities, presentations to JDAP.

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony for State Administrative Tribunal, Supreme Court hearings, etc.

Pedestrian Forecasting

Pedestrian Forecasting, and analysis of arrival rates, escalator and platform capacities, ticketing arrangements, queuing areas, and other pedestrian facilities.


All types of Traffic, Pedestrian, and Parking Surveys, including turning movements, origin-destination surveys and detailed car park occupancy, accumulation and duration surveys.